Better Advice for Your Money

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When I was just about 22 years old a neighbor of mine got me involved in the investment business. He was a very well known businessman in Alexander Valley—where I grew up—and had his busy fingers into lots of different ventures. He would take me around to investment seminars in his big, comfy Cadillac and we would eat together at fine restaurants. I was quite impressed!

I wanted to make money in the investment business and I wanted to help my clients make money. I wanted to really understand this business. I started reading everything about investing. I even read all the mutual fund prospectuses—you know, those things with lots of fine print that no body ever reads. My neighbor/mentor told me I was wasting my time. I didn’t need to know anything—except how to fill out the mutual fund order form and ask the client for their check. That’s it! Anything more was a waste of time—according to him.

Personally, I thought the brokerage model was flawed since it was focused more on selling products than providing advice. The fee-only model didn’t exist back then, but I was an early adopter of it, because I strongly believed that it could serve clients better.

My role is not defined by giving you the hottest stock tip, convincing you to buy this year’s best performing mutual fund, or trying to sell you a product to solve a problem you don’t have. Instead, it’s about helping you clearly envision and define your long-term goals and providing the prudent, comprehensive advice you need to get there.

If you may be interested in the kind of investment management work I do, and the independent advice I give, won’t you consider giving me a call?

There are lots of people out there that are getting “sold” investment products by well-meaning, very friendly guys driving around in Cadillacs. But… they are not getting the best advice for their money!