5 Reasons to Hire a Financial Planner in Sonoma County

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Financial planning should be taken on alongside a trusted professional who understands the financial market and the economic environment. Our team at Montgomery Taylor has significant experience in the financial field and within our latest post, we’ll explore five of the reasons to hire a financial planner in Sonoma County.

  1. Make more effective investment choices

One of the challenges for those outside the marketplace trying to manage their own finances is they don’t know the latest changes in the various financial fields, and this could mean their investment decisions are ineffective. You may know about a specific company, but you might not know about their competitors and how their industry is evolving. A financial planner in Sonoma County can understand the marketplace and help you make decisions based on the latest information.

  1. Planning for your retirement

Your financial planner in Sonoma County can help you to plan for retirement. They can guide you in choosing your goals and help you to set your expectations effectively. Taking on this process now can give you the ideal springboard for the future and ensure a strong foundation for your retirement savings. You’ll save thousands of dollars and ensure they are allocated effectively within your portfolio.

  1. Advice on assets

Which assets are you required to share during a divorce and which assets can you keep? This is a key question many have when working with a financial planner. A planner can ensure that your separate has a limited impact on your overall finances.

  1. Guidance on insurance

A financial planner will also have experience in the insurance industry. They can guide you on the types of insurance that will protect you and your family for the years to come, and ensure the right payment plan for your policies.

  1. Capitalizing on opportunities

At certain points in your life, you may be able to capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace when you have a higher level of disposable income. A financial planner can guide you at this time and ensure you make the right choices for your financial future.

Our team at Montgomery Taylor has experience in the financial planning field. To discover more about the services we provide, call us today.