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All the financial help you need in one place

Most people get financial help from a financial advisor and tax help from their accountant.  But to take advantage of opportunities, you should get both in one place.

In other words, if your accountant doesn’t interact with your wealth manager, it’s probably costing you more than you think.  To maximize your results, your financial planning should always include tax planning.

That’s why our team at Montgomery Taylor Wealth brings everything together for you:

  • Financial planning
  • Investment management
  • Income tax preparation and tax planning
  • Estate planning strategies
  • Access to commission-free insurance products

What does this do for you?

Your financial plan is implemented smoothly by a centralized team
  • The team works together to help you find tax savings opportunities
  • You get tax-efficient investing strategies that can generate results with less risk
  • Implementation headaches are minimized with our combined team

With all your professionals (and paperwork) in one place, that means less time and fewer hassles for you.

Is Montgomery Taylor Wealth Right For You?

I want to take advantage of tax-saving strategies

If your tax accountant, wealth manager, and estate planning attorney don’t work together, you may lose out on valuable money-saving opportunities.  At Montgomery Taylor Wealth, you get tax, financial planning, investing, tax preparation and estate planning altogether. This coordinated approach helps you benefit from advanced tax strategies and tax law changes whenever possible.

I want an experienced team watching my money.

In 2008, some people found out that their wealth managers probably weren’t managing their risk as closely as they’d like. At Montgomery Taylor Wealth, we’ve been carefully controlling client risk for over 40 years.  Using a tactical tilt method to keep you ahead of market trends, we’ve helped preserve client assets through many types of market cycles and economic conditions.

I want all my professionals together in one location.

Most wealth management firms don’t have in-house accountants.  That leaves you having to hire and manage multiple professionals.   At Montgomery Taylor Wealth, we have all of these professionals under one roof, saving you time and hassles and helping you get better results.

I want financial advice from a real advisor, not a commissioned salesperson.

Not all people who use the title of a financial advisor or wealth manager have your best interests at heart.  But at Montgomery Taylor Wealth, we act as your legal fiduciary.  As part of that role,  we aren’t paid commissions, so we don’t have the conflicts of interest found at those firms  We simply look out for your best interests…always.

I want financial strategies that help me achieve my goals.

Saving money is important, but at Montgomery Taylor Wealth, we don’t lose sight of the real reason you’re doing financial planning…that’s to live your best life! That’s why everything we do begins with planning, which helps you see where you’re going at all times.  This helps simplify your life instead of making it more complicated.

Real Advisors and Accountants

At Montgomery Taylor Wealth, we’re advisors who are serious about helping you reach your goals.

Montgomery Taylor commitment to clients

Serving as Your Fiduciary

Any financial advisor or wealth manager you hire should be willing to serve as your fiduciary.  That means they are legally required to put your interests before theirs.  It seems basic, but many financial advisors may not adhere to those higher ethical standards.  Instead, they may attempt to sell you something supposedly “suitable”, even if it is a product that pays them a higher commission.

Instead, our advisors serve as your fiduciary so you can be confident you’re getting true advice.  Don’t settle for less!

Over Four Decades of Experience

When it comes to your money, you don’t want to be part of anyone’s learning curve.  At Montgomery Taylor Wealth, you can put experience on your side:

  • We have over 40 years of experience helping clients achieve their goals.
  • Our advisors have navigated different types of markets and economic conditions.
  • Our team includes financial planners, CPAs, and investment managers.
  • Many of our staff are both CPAs and wealth managers, providing focused tax expertise to go along with our investment expertise.
  • Our team holds many advanced credentials that require extensive additional education.

We believe that our combined experience and specialized expertise gives you the edge you need to achieve your goals.

Our investing philosophy is to tactically place your money where it will stay protected and grow by utilizing your risk number, along with our other tactics, and matching you to the best portfolio.

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