Author: Montgomery Taylor

Financial Advisor in Santa Rosa: Want to Retire Early?

Jun 10, 2022
Can you retire early? It depends… With all that’s going on in the world (e.g., pandemic, political unrest, working from […]

Safeguard Your Heirs in Retirement

Jun 8, 2022
Parents often ask me how they can take care of their kids after they pass away. Understandably, they want to […]

Protect Your Retirement Savings in Troubled Times

Apr 26, 2022
Reminders are everywhere from the grocery aisle to gas pumps: This is a challenging phase of market history. The growing […]

When You Do Everything Right Except For This One Thing

Mar 24, 2022
It’s essential, to be honest with yourself and each other regarding feelings about finance. Not only does this ensure you’re […]

Tax Season is Approaching – Advantages of a CFP/CPA in Sonoma County

Mar 7, 2022
This tax season may be “one of the most confusing and frustrating in decades.” So make sure you’re working with […]

Financial Advisor in Santa Rosa CA: Smart Investors Consolidate Investment and Tax Services

Feb 21, 2022
Having wealth is a good thing — but when you’re constantly having to play middleman between your tax advisor and […]

Financial Planning in Sonoma County: Tips for a Successful 2022

Feb 8, 2022
You just closed the books on 2021. 2022 is underway! It’s important to put financial planning for this year at […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Retirement Account

Dec 20, 2021
When was the last time you logged into your retirement account’s online portal? Odds are, it has been a while. […]

4 Key Elements to Protecting Family Wealth

Dec 6, 2021
It’s a fact: 70 percent of family wealth disappears in the next generation and a whopping 90 percent evaporates by […]