Before It’s Too Late

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your various financial resources working together in a wise integrated fashion? Wouldn’t it be even more amazing if you learned that you didn’t need to pay off your mortgage in order to live comfortably in retirement? And wouldn’t it be over the top if you could find a way to be certain about not running out of money in retirement?

Sound too good to be true?

Welcome to a new approach to planning for retirement and leaving a legacy. The time has come for you to read financial author Montgomery Taylor’s explosive new book.

Before It’s Too Late

Regardless of whether you’re retiring in the next decade or already retired, Taylor’s well-researched financial strategies will have you rethinking your old retirement plan. With financial expert Montgomery Taylor as your advocate, you’ll learn some totally unexpected methods for achieving the security you want:

  • Learn how to construct your own pension for lifetime income, and make it better than the pension your father or grandfather had.
  • Learn how to cover long term care expenses at a fraction of the cost—without traditional LTC insurance.
  • Learn how to protect yourself from the hazards of putting your child’s name on your bank account or house deed—very common but serious mistakes.
  • Learn how to position yourself so that you could pay off your mortgage anytime you want—but strategically choose not to.
  • Learn how to dramatically increase your spendable income, even when it looks impossible.

With clear language and a wealth of fresh ideas, this book presents the financial “bucket list” of critical things to do for guaranteed lifetime income. No baby boomer should retire without checking this list—read this book and enjoy your best years while securing your financial future for yourself and your loved ones.

There are lots of books on retirement and estate planning—but this one is different! Say “Yes” to retirement peace of mind Before It’s Too Late.

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Praise for Before It’s Too Late

“This book includes all the ingredients and instructions to create a successful retirement and beyond! I have served as a Retirement Board of Trustee and Deferred Compensation Administrator for many years. I would recommend this book for the thousands of participants in those Programs!”
Rod Dole
Retired Auditor-Controller
County of Sonoma

“Montgomery Taylor has written a book every Baby Boomer should have read decades ago… and should absolutely read now. In a clear and concise manner, Monty has laid the ground work for a successful retirement. If you are serious about retiring…read this book.”
Rich Abazia
Cypress Financial

“Failure to plan is futile. Montgomery Taylor’s book pounds this fact home. A great read for boomers.”
David Voss
Executive Vice President, Exchange Bank
Former Board Chairman, Sonoma County Community Foundation

“Every single one of us should be concerned about retirement. Here Montgomery Taylor breaks the mold and provides a rock-solid approach to thriving in your golden years. Not utilizing such a structure works against the uninformed.”
Terry Davis
Senior Vice President
North Valley Bank

Before It’ss Too Late is an in-depth and easy to follow road map to intelligent retirement planning. A must read for all future and present retirees. Monty’s book is excellent and will be in great demand.”
Ronald W. Seaman
Reverse Mortgage Professional

“Even if financial issues seem like a foreign language, you will learn from this book. It makes the complex seem simple; reading it is like having a conversation with the author over coffee. It is comprehensive; it has information on financial issues you may never have considered. Before It’s Too Late is definitely worth your time and energy.”
Marian King
Retired Teacher

“You will be glad to have read Montgomery Taylor’s book.  His analysis is fresh, different, and insightful without being complicated.  It also makes one look at the continuing financial crisis with a fresh pair of eyes, which can’t help but prove to be a benefit.”
William Fritz, Esq.
Fritz Law Offices

“If you are ready to get your financial life and security in order, this book is a must read. Montgomery Taylor’s precise writing offers his readers straightforward wisdom with clear advice to control their financial future. I believe his strategies are so sound, I’m compelled to take action myself.”
Jeff Sacher
Business Broker
Santa Rosa Realty

“A must read for those of us who are planning for retirement. Montgomery Taylor gives us ‘need to know’ information so we can start planning today!”
Edward S. Rosa
Insight Computing LLC

“Montgomery Taylor offers honest and sound concepts for stable, long-term investment, tax and estate planning strategies.Utilizing his disciplined advice, readers who range from just starting out to the recently retired will reap significant financial benefits.”
Michael Arendt
Vice President
Exchange Bank