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“My favorite part of this book is how it includes detailed, personal stories that illustrate the human side of financial planning, then uses those words to provide a framework for helpful feedback and tools that readers can use to better plan their future. IT has solid advice that covers situations that many of us might not think about – but should.”

Julie Fadda Powers, Editor, NorthBay Biz magazine

Note:  This review is not from a Montgomery Taylor Wealth Management client.
Before It's Too Late: Retirement & Estate Solutions
“Montgomery Taylor offers honest and sound concepts for stable, long-term investment, tax and estate planning strategies.  Utilizing his disciplined advice, readers who range from just starting out to the recently retired will reap significant financial benefits.”

Michael Arendt, Vice President, Exchange Bank

Each person has unique goals and objectives and should be discussed and reviewed with your investment professional.
Note:  This review is not from a Montgomery Taylor Wealth Management client.
The New Rules of Success

We have showcased a number of Prominent Experts in this book to illustrate the success that can be found in the new economy. They each illustrate their success with accomplishments that give them the authority and credibility to act as guide, tutor, or mentor. While the principles they highlight remain constant, their methodology required them to adapt to the new economy.

Monty’s chapter is titled “From Farm Boy to Wealth Advisor – How to Achieve Wild Success and Sleep Well at Night”

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