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Working After Retirement: 3 Ways to Do It and How It May Impact Your Benefits

Mar 1, 2021
Whether you miss the camaraderie of working in an office or simply want to boost your savings, working after retirement […]

Retiring Before (or After) Your Spouse: 7 Questions to Ask

Feb 15, 2021
In a perfect world, you and your spouse may want to retire at the same time and savor your Golden […]

Do You Have a Small Business? Don’t Overlook These Opportunities

Jan 25, 2021
September 22-26, 2020 was officially designated “National Small Business Week,” but if you have a small business, you know that […]

Dangerous Assumptions Business Owners Make About Retirement

Jan 18, 2021
Most working Americans plan to retire at some point in their lives, even if they love what they do. But […]

Starting the New Year in a New Job? What To Do With Your 401(k)

Jan 4, 2021
After the year we had in 2020, a lot people started 2021 in a new job. The pandemic-related shutdowns and […]

Why Pay for an Advisor When You Can Find Free Advice Online?

Dec 17, 2020
It’s true: You can find plenty of financial advice from a simple Google search. Whether it’s investing, retirement, stock picking […]

What to Do a Year from Retirement

Dec 7, 2020
Time flies! One day, you’re starting a new job and retirement seems like an out-of-reach dream you have “plenty of […]

5 Things Your Estate Plan May Be Missing

Nov 18, 2020
For many people, 2020 will be used as a catalyst for change. No one could have predicted what the year […]

How Much Will My Social Security Benefits Be? Sonoma County Wealth Advisor Explains

Nov 10, 2020
As a Sonoma County wealth advisor for more than 30 years, it’s safe to say I’ve helped hundreds of families […]