After a 25+ year marriage, Sally (54) finds herself recently divorced from Doug, a psychologist.  Sally was a stay-at-home Mom to their three children (23, 19, 16) until recently when she needed to go back to work part-time to supplement her income when she and Doug divorced.  Their older daughter has already graduated from college and lives on her own.

It is important to Sally that her two youngest kids continue the lifestyle they are accustomed and to attend the college of their choice.  She wants the rest of their lives to remain constant as they all learn to adjust to their new normal.

Sally has been worried about the financial implications the divorce will have on both her as well as the kids.  

Pain Points:

  • Can she continue to live in their current home with Doug’s income?
  • Will, there be sufficient money to fund the college educations of their two 
  • Will she be able to continue to fund the boys’ college accounts?
  • Will she be able to juggle a new part-time career as well be there for her two youngest kids? 
  • Will she be entitled to any of Doug’s 401K or social security later in life?
  • She’s not very confident about managing money as Doug did that so she’s not sure about how to find the right team to help her build a plan for her financial future
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