Getting Started

Jeff is a 37-year-old software developer and his wife, Toni, is a 32-year-old Human Resources consultant. They live in Santa Rosa.  The two have been married for eight years and have two kids, aged seven and five. They both contribute to their respective company’s 401K plan.  Additionally, Jeff has received stock options from the company he works for.  

In addition to their 401k’s, both Jeff and Toni have been putting a portion of their annual bonuses into savings accounts for the kids’ education as well as a rainy day account that they can use in emergencies.  They also recently inherited a small amount of money from Toni’s aunt. They aren’t sure what they should do with that money as they still have some student loans to pay off.

They know that investing for the future is important but they aren’t sure how or where to get started.  Jeff and Toni want to make good decisions early to prepare themselves for the future and feel a financial planner will help guide them in the right direction.  

Pain Points

  • They have little time to meet with an advisor
  • They aren’t sure what to do with the money that Toni recently inherited. What’s the best way to utilize that money for both short and long term planning? 
  • They don’t have a current financial plan in place so it’s a guessing game right now if they are positioned correctly with their investments and savings plans. Are they investing in the right products? Are they investing correctly for their needs/goals?
  • How should they leverage Jeff’s employee benefits (short- and long-term planning).
  • They don’t have an estate plan in place which is a concern now that they have a family. 
These are fictional client pictures and profiles that provide case studies that represent unique individual situations and questions that have been presented to Montgomery Taylor Wealth Management.  Examples are for illustrative purposes only and may not necessarily be replicated. This should not be construed as a testimonial or an endorsement of our firm.