What Our Clients are Saying

Here’s what a few clients of Montgomery Taylor, CPA, CFP have to say about our tax services…


Monty Gives Me the Support I Need 
My husband’s disabled and when he got sick, I had to take over everything. I was scared to death. It’s so nice to have someone like Monty to lean on. I didn’t know how to deal with my taxes and investments because I never had to do it before. Monty knew what to do. He put the money where it needed to go. He knew where it needed to go to grow.

There are a lot of women in my situation who don’t have any support, and Monty gives them that support. That’s an area he’s good in. He’s the most honest person I’ve ever met in my life. He’s direct, he’s a good family man, and when he does something, he does it right. He does the best he can and he’ll explain to you why he can’t do something. When you learn why you can’t do something, you understand it. At tax time he’s very efficient, he’s very professional, he’ll have it done on time, and he’ll do it right.

Monty is very easy to talk to. It’s really good to be able to sit down and talk to someone who understands what I’m going through and fix it for me.

And Mike was great too. I got a letter from the IRS one time, and I brought it in and Mike took care of it. Monty and Mike are personable, and they’re family-oriented. They really work hard at what they do, and they try to find you more money back. They ask you questions that you don’t even think about to help you get money back.

I bought a new car this year and one of the tips in the monthly newsletter was on car tax. I saved that article, and I saved my car receipt. The tax tips in the newsletter are really helpful.

Monty’s good about asking, “Where do you want to go in ten years? In five years?” People don’t usually care enough to ask that. Monty and Mike care. And that makes a difference. A big difference. You can tell when somebody’s sincere, and I know both of them are. It makes somebody like me feel better because I’ve got the support I need when I don’t have the support at home.

When someone asks me about finances or tax preparation, I say, “Go see the best of the best in town, go see Monty.” –Bonnie Bowman, Registered Nurse, Santa Rosa

Monty’s On Our Side and We Trust Him
Monty really works hard to make sure that you pay the least amount of taxes. He’s on your side, not the government’s. And that goes for investments too. He’s always trying to make sure that, despite the economy, we’re not going to lose as much money as we would be if we were investing elsewhere. He really tries to help people earn money, not lose money with their retirement funds and investments.

Our previous accountant was very impersonal – he was just straight to the point. Monty’s been completely different from that. He’s very good at what he does crunching numbers, but he’s also very personable. His staff is very detailed. They were able to find discrepancies in our previous tax returns, and they found us more money. They were able to redo the old tax returns and fix the flaws.

Monty helped us with my mother’s trust when she passed away. He got quite involved in it. I was able to dissolve the trust, myself, but the tax part of it was horrendous. And he and Mike just did a great job.

You can see that Monty’s very sincere about wanting to help his clients and do the best for them. He’s constantly taking courses and honing his skills. He’s always on the lookout for ways he can save his clients’ money and build their portfolios. Like Monty says – I’ve got my money and my mother’s money invested too – we’re all in this together.

Monty has been a lifesaver. He’s always glad to see us. He gets to know his clients on a personal basis, and we know him well enough to really trust him.

Everyone on the staff has been very friendly and nice to work with. . . on the phone and in person. When we come in we feel like you folks really care; you take care of things and we have a feeling of trust. We’re very happy. All our needs are being met.
Kurt and Esther Hofmeister, Sebastopol

Monty Gained Our Confidence Immediately
This is our first experience with a professional advisor who also does our tax return, and it’s been very satisfactory for us knowing that someone who’s working on our taxes also has first-hand knowledge of our investment strategies.

At our first meeting, there was just something about Monty that made us comfortable. He gained our confidence immediately.

We have a level of confidence in Monty that makes us say. “Here. Do it for us.” We don’t have any concerns. He’s honest with us. He’s doing the best he can for us, and the results have shown that. And the tax preparation was quick and right to the point. He got it done in a few days.

Monty is very knowledgeable and up to speed on tax issues. We tell our friends that if they have any questions at all about the tax service they’re getting, they should sit down with Monty, and listen to what he has to say.

Monty’s customer service is a high priority and we’re getting the services that we need, without question. We always leave here feeling comfortable. — Pat & Diane McDowell, Retired, Windsor

I Have Confidence in Him. . . I Can Be At Peace
As someone who’s retired, my biggest financial challenge is wondering if my money’s going to last as long as I do. Monty does my taxes and takes care of my investments. He tells me if I need to do anything differently. He’s taken what little money I have and he’s not lost it. I have confidence in him. . . I can be at peace.

I really appreciate Monty very much because I trust him. I don’t know much about taxes and investments, and I feel that because I work with Montgomery Taylor and Company, I don’t have to know all this stuff.

My previous tax preparer did a good job, but there was no back-up. If I had a problem I would not have been able to get support from her. I felt like I needed somebody else to know what was going on – she was not enough. With Monty’s service, I can come in and ask questions.

I have recommended Monty to several friends who always tell me they’re so glad I recommended him. My daughter and her husband came to Monty and they like him, too. It’s the trust thing.

Monty’s Client Advisor Newsletter is interesting . . . I read everything in it even though I don’t know much about numbers and about money. It’s like getting a letter from a friend; it’s not one of those dry newsletter kinds of things, it’s personal and I like that.

I also like the fact that the newsletter includes information for parents of kids who are going off to college, because that’s such a scary time of life. Knowing that you can go to Monty for help in planning for college is such a good thing.

The most compelling thing about doing business with Monty is the trust. He is somebody you can trust, and that is absolutely important. — Marian King, Retired Teacher, Sebastopol

Monty Discovered a Way to Reduce My Taxes
I saw Monty’s flyer at the bank, so I called and I was so glad I did. I came to Monty ten days before taxes were due and he turned them around in five days. He’s a top professional; the whole place is very warm; he knows all the ins and outs of taxes. Nothing is overlooked and he’s swift.

Monty did my taxes the first year, then Mike, then Phil. They’ve all been wonderful. I used to have to pay taxes in five states because of an investment; Monty discovered that I didn’t make enough in some of those states to have to pay taxes, but other tax people had me paying in all five states. He knows a lot. He reduced my taxes, saved me money, and it’s wonderful.

I know Monty’s honest and the atmosphere in the office is so nice – it’s like a family. The staff is much more relaxed than other tax people I’ve dealt with. That gives you a good feeling.

Monty’s newsletter also gives you that sense of family, which is so nice. If I had a child in college I’d be thrilled to pieces with the kinds of college information in the newsletter. And if I had money, I’d be thrilled with all of the suggestions for investing. I mean there are opportunities here.

When I moved recently, I lost my quarterly tax payment vouchers. I called Milady and she sent new ones to me. That was so nice.

I would absolutely recommend Monty’s tax services. You get very quick turn-around; you’re going to get very thorough service, and he knows the business inside and out. If I had some money to invest, I’d do it in a heartbeat. —Sophia Tiers, Nanny, Santa Rosa