Financial Advisor in Santa Rosa CA: Smart Investors Consolidate Investment and Tax Services

Financial Advisor in Santa Rosa CA: Smart Investors Consolidate Investment and Tax Services

Having wealth is a good thing — but when you’re constantly having to play middleman between your tax advisor and financial advisor (both of whom could have opposing views and opinions), it can quickly turn into a headache. 

But what if you could work with a professional who is both a certified CFP® and CPA? Someone who offered integrated wealth management and tax planning services under one roof?

The benefits of integrated investment and tax advice are huge! It helps you streamline and organize your entire financial picture. It saves you time and is potentially more cost-effective. Plus, it opens the door to door to better, more comprehensive advice aimed at helping you make the best decisions possible with your wealth. 

Finding such a professional may seem challenging, but that’s exactly what we do at Montgomery Taylor. We’re Sonoma County wealth advisors as well as CPAs who incorporate tax advice into your financial life.


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If you’re still on the fence, here are a few reasons why you should consider working with a CFP® and CPA who offers tax preparation, investment management, and financial advice all under one roof.


Why Tax Clients May Want Help With Investment Management 

CPAs are great at helping you file your tax return and capitalize on tax-saving opportunities. But taxes don’t exist in a bubble. 

If you have questions about how to take distributions from your retirement account or how claiming Social Security will affect your future income, your CPA may not be qualified to give you advice. And you may get hit with the frustrating response of: “I recommend consulting a financial advisor.”

Now for you — a hard-working individual who needs professional help managing the entirety of your finances — this can be quite frustrating. All you want is direct advice and instead, you’re referred to someone else.

But when you work with someone who is licensed as both a CPA and a CFP®, they can answer ALL your financial questions — whether they’re tax-related, investment-related, retirement-related, or anything in between. 


Why Investment Management Clients May Want Help With Tax Planning

Now let’s look at the flip side of this to see why you’d want your CFP® to also be a CPA…

You go to your financial advisor for almost everything — questions about retirement, your kid’s college tuition, buying a second home, estate planning, you name it. But when it comes to this year’s taxes, it’s often outside of their realm of expertise.

Shouldn’t someone who’s so heavily involved in your finances also have the ability to help you file your taxes? The answer seems like it should be yes. But oftentimes you won’t find this level of service unless you work with someone who’s a CPA CFP®. 


Key Benefits of Working With a CPA CFP® Under One Roof

By choosing a firm that offers integrated investment and tax advice, you get access to a professional who can help with virtually every part of your financial picture — from planning for retirement to filing your tax return in April to rebalancing your portfolio. 

They cover it all. And this is good news for you because it means you get to enjoy these three benefits: 

Better, More Comprehensive Support

The idea is, you get better, more comprehensive support when it’s done in one place. When your CPA doubles as a CFP®, that one individual has a broad view of your entire financial situation. In return, you get more robust tax strategies and financial advice that actually help you improve your future.

More Free Time

We live in a fast-paced world. And the truth is, many busy professionals (like yourself) don’t have a ton of time to spend balancing relationships between two separate CPAs and CFP® professionals. You need one firm that can take care of it all for you.

Imagine no longer having to:

  • Play middleman as you fill one party in on the other’s recommendations 
  • Scribble down all the questions one professional can’t answer so you can remember to ask the other
  • Schedule separate meetings with each professional each time you need comprehensive advice (using up twice your time)

That’s exactly what you get when you work with a CPA CFP® professional. 

You have more free time to focus on your family, your passions, and your career, instead of spending it all trying to juggle the moving parts of your financial picture. You no longer have to keep a mental Rolodex of which professional is best suited to answer which questions. You get holistic advice when you need it, with zero back and forth.

Potentially More Cost-Effective

Working with a CPA CFP® under one roof also has the potential to save you money. 

Think of integrated advice like an all-inclusive resort hotel. Instead of having to book your flights, hotels, transportation, meals, and excursions separately, you typically save money by bundling them all together. Plus, you save a lot of time not having to research all the best deals and options yourself. 

Working with a CPA CFP® is kind of the same way. You save a ton of time not having to build, coordinate, and meet with multiple professionals yourself. And because you can “bundle” tax services and wealth management services into one package, it’s potentially more cost-effective. You know ahead of time exactly what’s included and how much it’ll cost you.


Are You Ready to Simplify Your Financial Picture?

You shouldn’t have to go to multiple professionals just to get help with various parts of your financial plan. The right CPA CFP® simplifies your financial picture by offering you: 

  • Investment management: They help you manage your wealth and adjust your portfolio as needed.
  • Financial advice: They help you plan for your future and develop a framework that helps your money last throughout your lifetime. 
  • Tax preparation: They give year-round accounting and tax advice and help you file your return each year.

Few firms offer financial planning, investment management, and yearly tax preparation under one roof. But that’s exactly what you get when you work with Montgomery Taylor investment management, wealth management, and tax planning firm located in Santa Rosa, California. 


If you’re ready to streamline your finances and potentially save time and money along the way, contact Montgomery Taylor today.


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