New Information Regarding the Tax Extension Relief

New Information Regarding the Tax Extension Relief

We have new information regarding the tax extension relief that we wanted to share with you:

We are making every effort to complete tax returns, where the data was received by March 20, as soon as possible – given the current Shelter in Place environment. This has caused some slowdowns, outside of our control, but we are working diligently.

Tax data received in our office after March 20 will be completed on a more measured schedule with the intent to file by July 15. Please let our office know if you need additional time to file and would like an extension until October 15.

Until the Shelter in Place order is lifted, our office is closed for any client interactions requiring face-to-face contact (i.e., tax appointments or tax return pickups). However, we do have a drop-box just inside our reception area, which you may use for quick drop offs of documents. Such documents are retrieved promptly by our staff and put directly into your file. 

This certainly is an odd time in our lives. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we adapt to this new work environment. Our efforts, of course, are to comply with local health regulations, to keep you and us healthy.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. Our highest priority is keeping our employees and clients safe. A better Sonoma County. That’s our business.

Montgomery Taylor Realistic Financial Planning