When You Do Everything Right Except For This One Thing

When You Do Everything Right Except For This One Thing

It’s essential, to be honest with yourself and each other regarding feelings about finance. Not only does this ensure you’re not settling – you need to know that you’re in credible, qualified hands. So, how good are you at asking tough questions? 


A dedicated financial advisor, Santa Rosa, CA, advises: ask yourself and potential advisors transparent, critical questions. We understand this can be a challenge – so allow us to equip you with seven questions below.

It’s unfortunate and quite common for retirees, business owners, professionals, widows, and divorcees to feel taken advantage of or misled by their financial professionals. Why? Either they didn’t do enough research to ask the tough questions and find red flags, or their financial expert(s) mismanaged assets.

No one has to take the blame – our duty as a fee-only fiduciary is to uphold a commitment that bonds your trust to our skills and experience. To avoid any heart-heavy financial defeats – Author, Founder, and Investment Advisor, Montgomery Taylor, located in Sonoma County provides an example depicting the importance of finding a long-term wealth management partner.


Let us help you take control of your long-term income and help you feel secure in your financial future.


Sharon’s Story: she chose the wrong advisors!

MT Everything Sharon StoryIn his book “Happy & Secure in Sonoma County,” Author and Founder Montgomery “Monty” Taylor shares a specific story about one of his clients who came to him trying to recover from a substantial financial loss.

Sharon was a Vice President at a local company. She did the right thing by hiring a financial advisor to help her plan and save for retirement. She was successful in accumulating over $1.5M in assets. 

Sadly, due to mismanagement from not one but two advisors, she lost nearly all of it. Luckily, Sharon didn’t lose hope and reached out to Montgomery Taylor Wealth Management, who could help get back as much as possible. Sharon eventually got back on her feet – feeling happy and secure again!

This book is specifically about “Piecing Together the Puzzle of Financial Security and Happiness in This Chosen Spot of All the Earth.” What’s important about Sharon’s story, and others like her, is that there’s much to learn from their lessons. Take the time and energy to investigate and ask hard questions before committing to just any investment advisory firm. 


How well do you know your financial advisor?

Let’s consider your immediate financial situation and begin with some reflective questions. Chances are, you might wish you would have known then what you are being thoughtful about now. It’s our duty to help you figure that out.

  • Have you ever worked with an advisor?
  • What was your process to go about finding the right one? 
  • How did you know it was the right one?  
  • What was the experience like?

Did you hire based on a recommendation from a friend or family?

Commonly, when investors are seeking financial services they will start by asking if their trusted connections have used one or have a referral. Whether through an individuals’ family, through a circle of friends, or via a trusted church group, we turn to one another in times of need. 

While that’s a great avenue to begin, no two people’s needs are the exact same. Maybe you need estate planning and tax planning while your cousin worked with a retirement system specialist for real estate wealth management.

So, where have you turned in your hunt for advisory services? Did you take someone’s advice? Or did you stick to the Internet, evaluating reviews and websites?  

All research methods are commendable, and the more the better. In doing your homework, you first need to look for and ask about our credentials.

What are their credentials?

I Am Qualified Badge Certified License Reputable ProfessionalFinding a certified financial advisor who firmly stands behind the power of their hard-earned credentials is your goal. The credentials you need to scope out are: 


This certification is the standard of excellence you need. CFP® professionals have learned, trained, and tested through rigorous materials to stand behind ethical standards. They are committed to serving your best interests.

  • Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) 

After eight to nine years of experience as a public accountant, and on passing the AICPA exam, the title CPA is earned. In this role, they analyze financial records to prepare tax returns, create budget reports, and conduct audits. They make sure that your financial records comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

  • Montgomery Taylor Wealth Management provides both, in-house, providing a streamlined advantage.

“Knowing your financial advisor’s credentials, experience, and pay structure can help you feel confident with your financial plan.” 

What experience do they have related to what you need?

Not all financial advisors specialize in what you’re looking for. Keep that in mind when researching. Be as specific as possible when asking questions and doing research. Ask about their experience with clients like you. 

Yes, client privacy is important. But do they have experiential examples, without naming names? 

What is their pay structure?

Transparent communication about pay structure is very important. It can be profoundly different from advisor to advisor, so do not be timid to ask how they charge. Ask to see all fees and get their communication in writing, if possible. For example, view our fee schedule.


“Guidelines for Avoiding the Evil Advisor” – 7 tough questions to ask yourself and potential advisors

As mentioned above, Monty shares with anyone seeking financial advice, questions to prepare yourself in moving forward. 

  • What do you want, and how do you want to accomplish it? Create a solid foundation by defining your goals.
  • Does this advisor feel “just right” for me? If not, why not?
  • How do you get paid? Make sure the advisor’s compensation method is aligned with your goals.
  • How will you invest my money? Ask tough questions. Expect intelligent answers.
  • Do you have an exit strategy? Make sure the advisor has a predefined plan to prevent major losses in your account.
  • Are you driven to “beat the market?” The focus must be to achieve your financial goals.
  • What else will you do to help me accomplish my financial objectives? The best advisors go way beyond investment advice and take a ‘holistic’ approach.

Your descendants can be happy and secure.”


The Takeaway 

Planning your financial future is a delicate matter that should be held with the highest regard. Don’t let retirement sneak up on you or be caught off guard by the sudden loss of a loved one. Montgomery Taylor Wealth Management wants you to feel confident that your Sonoma county retirement will be everything you hoped. 

Do you see what you need on this list for financial planning Sonoma County services? The “MT” team provides information on income tax preparation and planning, wealth management, investment management, financial, estate, and retirement planning, Social Security optimization, life insurance, long-term care, and annuities. Read “our commitment.”

Monty wants to get his book in your hands to help guide you to financial security, whether you are a client or not. It’s time to strategize to reduce tax liability and achieve your financial goals within the ebbs and flow of economic change. Get started today with wealth management, Santa Rosa, CA!


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