Investing Services

Our Investing Philosophy

Our investing philosophy is to tactically place your money where it will stay protected and grow by utilizing your risk number, along with our other tactics, and matching you to the best portfolio.

Why would you throw your money at the stock market and hope for the best when you can tactically invest no matter what the market decides to do. A tactical approach removes investing with emotion and uses methodology and discipline to ensure your money is not only protected but also growing. Your wealth is a big accomplishment. It’s time you protect it with a strategy and a plan.

It is important to look at your entire financial picture to see what changes or adjustments are necessary in one particular area. Changing different facets of your plan without detailed knowledge of the other pieces can cost you time and money.

We take our own advice. We have our money in the same place as our clients.


We offer a free analysis of your current investment portfolio. We’ll do our analysis and tell you the good, the bad and how to improve your investing. CONTACT US or CALL (707) 576-8700 today to schedule your appointment.

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