There are six key results-oriented benefits that Montgomery Taylor & Company aims to provide you with:

1. Solid investment performance: As a prudent investor, you want good returns but not necessarily great returns. You would rather sleep comfortably at night than have to worry about your aggressive investments. Considering the realities of the markets, prudent asset allocation is your best strategy. Given your choice, capital preservation and maintaining quality of life is more important than some arbitrary high rate of return.

2. Minimal taxes: As a wealthy business executive or retiree, you must make quarterly estimated tax payments to the IRS. Your preference is to keep these payments as low as possible. You also understand that minimizing taxes is one of the easiest ways to maximize real investment performance.

3. Control & simplicity: The more you can simplify and “bottom-line” your investments and personal finances, the more freedom you`ll enjoy. By delegating the burden of management you will gain control and simplify your financial life. Less is more.

4. Appropriate investments and strategies: As a prudent investor, you don`t want to become an expert in investments, insurance, and financial strategies. You want an expert to help you choose the right investments and insurance for your risk tolerances and your unique situation.

5. Help in planning or maintaining a secure retirement: You want help in so you can maintain your lifestyle when you stop working. Although you truly enjoy your occupation, you’re still looking forward to the time when you can retire and have time for other things. You recognize the need for a relationship with a financial advisor who can help you create a better future.

6. Guidance in helping you avoid mistakes: You’ve probably already made a financial mistake or two on your own. You’re looking for a professional to help you avoid losing money. You realize that having an active money manager on your team will improve your chances of building and preserving your wealth.

As client-centered financial advisors, it is our job to clearly understand your wants, needs, and desires; then we go to work delivering the financial services which best meet your objectives.