Investment Philosophy

Montgomery Taylor & Company utilizes a disciplined, scientific investment process that concentrates on asset allocation and diversification among asset classes; the two critical determinants of investment planning success. By working with us, an independent investment management firm with world-class connections, investors gain access to sophisticated investment strategies typically not available to non-institutional investors.

The Montgomery Taylor & Company approach has been developed from disciplined analytical research, focusing on the behavior of worldwide financial markets and investment management experience.

A Tried and True Investment Model

In today`s 24-hour-a-day global investment environment, investors often feel over-whelmed with the ever-expanding universe of investment choices. Often, investors will follow market trends as an alternative to seeking out sound advice. But trying to achieve financial goals by pouring all of one`s assets into emerging markets today, telecommunications tomorrow and Japanese small-cap stocks next week is not a guarantee for achieving a sound financial plan. It`s a risk/reward strategy that offers lots of risk with minimal reward. It`s also an unbalanced and uncoordinated approach – a practice that contradicts our investment philosophy. Since inception, MT&C has relied upon an investment philosophy that focuses on investors` objectives. This philosophy is based upon five principles:

These principles all work together to deliver a program that offers investors personalization, diversification, coordination and management. It`s a strategy geared towards achieving long-term investment goals that make sense in any financial climate.