You are the President

You Are The President – I’m The Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff

In broad outline, my strategy is always to create portfolios of professionally managed accounts with two basic characteristics: (1) The blended long-term return of the portfolio would historically have gotten you where you need to go, with room to spare. (2) The portfolios are constructed in such a way as to spread and balance the historical risks and volatility of the different kinds of investing we’re doing. We can go into as much detail about that as you like, when and if we get to that point. Suffice it to say that we want to get you where you want to go, but we’d rather you didn’t get there via roller coaster.

In effect, if you’re the President of the United States, and you want to go to war for financial independence / a worry-free retirement / multigenerational wealth, I’m the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. You tell me what our war aims are, and I’ll create and execute a strategy for winning the war. The portfolio managers we hire are the different branches of the service—Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines—and they do the actual fighting. Once in a while, we may have to relieve a general, and replace him with another general. But basically, the strategy remains the same as long as your goals do, and we let the commanders in the field make the tactical decisions.