Solid Approach to Planning for Retirement

Montgomery Taylor, CPA, CFP, has written a book that will have you re-thinking your old retirement plan. With clear language and a wealth of fresh ideas, Before It’s Too Late presents the financial “bucket list” of critical things to do for guaranteed lifetime income.

“Montgomery Taylor has written a book every Baby Boomer should have read decades ago… and should absolutely read now. In a clear and concise manner, Monty has laid the ground work for a successful retirement. If you are serious about retiring…read this book.” – Rich Abazia, President, Cypress Financial

In Before It’s Too Late, Monty has designed a “Financial Planning Pyramid”. Each block of the pyramid represents an area in one’s financial life, with the intention of building an integrated, comprehensive plan for retirement. The pyramid demonstrates which financial planning issues should be addressed first: insurance needs, a properly drawn will, debt elimination and an emergency fund. As one moves up the pyramid, income protection needs should be replaced by wealth accumulation, with each level having more risk, but with the potential for higher returns. Each tier of the pyramid supports the levels above it, providing financial stability.

The pyramid architecture in Before It’s Too Late symbolizes the great truth of serious financial plan design. But most importantly, this holistic planning is designed to provide retirees with peace of mind, comfort and certainty.

After growing up in the Alexander Valley region of Sonoma County, Montgomery Taylor (Monty) began his 33-year career in financial services first as a stockbroker, then as a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Planner, and Registered Investment Advisor. He is the owner of his own CPA firm in Santa Rosa, Montgomery Taylor, CPA, and a separate investment management company, Montgomery Taylor & Company, LLC.

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