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For the seventh year, the North Bay Business Journal surveyed

wealth management advisers asking for common mistakes investors make, what investment signs they pay attention to, and any upcoming important trends in investing; including the impact of the recent tax cuts. Montgomery Taylor was featured yet again, and we wanted to share this with you!

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Montgomery Taylor & Company Presents: MT&C Webinars on 2018 Tax Law Changes for Individuals and Businesses

The 2018 Tax Laws have put many people on edge. Unsure of what is to come or how it will affect them, many have fears that haven’t quite been put to rest. Because of those fears, Montgomery Taylor & Company has created two webinars based on these changes, hoping to put people at ease.


Topics in the Individual Income Taxation Webinar Include:

Individual Tax Rates
Comparison of Married Filing Joint Rates
Standard Deduction
Child & Family Tax Credits
Simplification of Deductions
Individual Retirement Plans
Tax Cuts & Jobs Act
4 Strategies on how Charitable Donations can help with your tax returns
And more!

Topics in the Business Taxation Webinar Include:

Corporate Tax Rates
Business Pass-through Rate
Example of Limitations
Benefits of a Retirement Plan for a Small Business
Retirement Plan Options
And more!