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September may always be a month of reflection for me. Not only is it my birthday month, but I lost my dad in September 2005. He lived a good long life (83 years) and then only suffered briefly with cancer. For that, I’m very thankful! Whichever way you want to discuss it or remember it—the passing of your father is a very sad and significant life event. My dad was a good provider, protector and parent—a pretty awesome role-model. And, of course, being a dad myself, I now have a whole new appreciation and perspective of him. I remember going fishing, hunting and hiking with my dad, and of course working with him—most always working. We worked hard together and I’m thankful that he has taught me a good work ethic. I’m sure there were a few “rough” spots over the years where we didn’t necessarily see eye-to-eye, but as I reflect back, all I really see are all the good times. My dad told me that he loved me and I got to tell him I loved him—in words and in actions. As I think back, I think about the significance of the relationship and how I’ll always remember and value him. In the end, what else do we really have than the relationships with those around us and the satisfaction of being a good friend, provider, protector – dad. So why am I saying all this? I’m just saying that I have an increased sense of appreciation for the people in my life, my family, friends and all of you—my clients. There’s no better time than the present to enjoy the people around you.