Planning Retirement Income

Dear Potential New Retiree and Potential New Client:

If you’d like to end your worries about the future of your pension benefits, this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read. My name is Montgomery Taylor. I’m a CPA and financial adviser who consults regularly with retirees and am an expert in the laws/tax codes that govern retirement plans. I’m not a professional ad writer by any means. But what I have to share with you is so revolutionary and exciting – I just had to sit down and tell you about it. So please bear with me a little.

Let me start out by telling you that after graduating with a degree in accounting from Sonoma State University, I was hired by the largest regional CPA firm in Sonoma County. The firm wanted me, with my investment background, to help them build a financial planning department and service their high-net worth clients. In that position, I created plans for many people to retire in style, comfort and with peace of mind. I was able to enjoy an excellent and rigorous training program while there. I learned all about the laws and tax codes that govern the retirement plans available to most people.

After a number of years, I moved on to work in a retirement office of a large government pension plan. For seven years I was part of the management team of the Sonoma County Employees Retirement Association, over-seeing the financial reporting, pension disbursements and investment management of their $700 million pension fund. Every quarter, for seven years, I sat in on board meetings and investment committee meetings, taking in the investment philosophy of the big institutional pension and investment managers which we hired. I saw how institutions manage their money.

I learned that pensions set their asset allocation and then leave it—no matter what happens in the economy or how badly the stock market is performing. And, that does make some sense for a pension plan which has no time horizon. However, for you and me, we have time horizons which could very well not coincide with the roller-coaster behavior of the stock market!

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That’s why I decided to do something about this. I got the idea to create a retirement portfolio design which would tactically adjust the asset allocation in sync with the ups and downs of the economy. I further designed in an ‘exit strategy’because of how fragile the economy has become, causing some giant, well-regarded public companies to fail. The days of buying and holding, like our parents and grandparents did, is over. We need to think and behave more strategically.

There is one other important thing I did—not done by other retirement planners in Santa Rosa. I did away with the retirement planning software that would spit out a 30 page report after inputting some basic client data. These software reports were confusing and therefore, led to procrastination in making retirement decisions which ultimately hurt the person trying to retire. I was able to condense the truly important data down to one, and in some case two, pages of an excel spreadsheet.Now, you have an easily understood retirement projection which enables you to make sound financial decisions today.

One last thing – I have found that many people are confused by all the retirement decisions which need to be made. And, it can be confusing. There are so many different pieces which need to be carefully knit together to form the safety net you must have to secure your retirement and peace of mind. So, I wanted a way, perhaps a resource that I could put into your hands which may eliminate some of the confusion, answer the basic questions, be a valuable resource for you in the years to come.

I knew there had to be a resource for you – and I found it….

Announcing the free booklet: “Planning Retirement Income”

The sub heading of this booklet could be: “How to Stop Worrying About Your Future Pension Benefits and Simplify The Process Of Retiring In Comfort”. Who says saving for the future has to be hard? This booklet can get you on the path to complete financial independence.

Inside this informative guide you’ll discover:

How to create an income stream for the rest of your life
How to apply for Social Security and when
How to tap into employer retirement plans
How to make the right moves, if you continue to work and much, much more
Why am I offering this for free? I believe the only way to build a business is to over deliver. I also do not believe in high-pressure sales techniques or any sort of gimmicks when contacting potential clients. The fact is, I’m more interested in educating you and then allowing you to decide on what the best course of action for you should be. I felt the best way to do that was by offering you “Planning Retirement Income”. I also realize that you don’t know me so I thought this informative booklet would give us a chance to “meet”.

If you enjoy reading this little booklet, as a personal thank you for being among the very first people to read it, there is something else I would like to offer you. I would like to offer to give you a “second opinion” on your investment portfolio. You can ask me about that, when you’re ready.

This booklet offer is as risk free of an offer as there comes, as all I’m asking is for a small investment of your time. And it is an investment that could pay off handsomely. The potential additional retirement dollars could be thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars more than what you are currently on track to have in your golden years. The next move is up to you. Go ahead click here or send an email to to request your copy of the booklet. You’ve got nothing to lose….and so much to gain. That’s a personal promise you can take to the bank.


Montgomery Taylor, CPA, CFP

P.S. Please remember, your free no-risk copy of the booklet is exactly that – totally free to you and without any risk whatsoever. In fact, the only way you could incur any risk at all is by not accepting this invitation, and thus depriving yourself of your greatest chance to reach the retirement you want to have.

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