Five Great Goals

There are five things that virtually everyone I speak with is trying to achieve with their money. These goals represent the most primal emotional/financial needs of real people; they speak to the deepest yearnings of Americans for their own financial well-being and that of the people they love. And since these five issues are the main financial concerns in my own and my family’s life, I have a genuine empathy for my clients and their well-being.

The Five Great Goals of Life Are:

  1. Retirement without compromise in lifestyle, or any real concern about outliving your income.
  2. Meaningful intervention in the financial lives of your children.
  3. The education of your grandchildren.
  4. The ability to care for your parents, if and when they need it.
  5. An important legacy to institutions/charities you believe in.

The central financial planning problem of our time is simply that almost no one is investing enough capital to have a real shot at achieving all their goals. I help my clients face the potentially huge gap between what they’re doing now, and what they need to be doing, in order to get where they say they want to go. The critical issue isn’t investment performance, but investor behavior. And that’s where I partner with you.