Get the TaxWise Advisor Edge


The Tax Wise Advisor Edge is our promise to take the time to understand your individual needs, offer personalized advice and provide you every advantage for today and tomorrow through a long-term relationship.

1. We will spend time with you to make sure we understand your unique situation.

2. We will do everything we can to help save you money on your taxes.

3. We will look for ways for you to save money in the future.

4. We will provide you with a professional analysis of your investments.

5. We will provide you with a year-end tax planning consultation.

6. We will answer your tax questions online, year-round.

7. We will make sure you are satisfied before you pay.

Accuracy Assurance

We stand behind our signature. If you are charged penalty and interest fees due to our error, we will pay those penalties and interests on federal, state and local returns.

Audit Assistance

If the IRS, state or local tax authority audits or serves notice to you, an associate of Montgomery Taylor, CPA, CFP will help you prepare for the audit by answering questions regarding the preparation of your tax return. (Montgomery Taylor, CPA, CFP does not act as a legal representative. Our Peace of Mind Extended Service Plan provides representation with a Power of Attorney if necessary.)

Refund Planning

We can help you plan the size of your refund for next year by suggesting adjustments to the withholding amount on your W-4.