Tax Preparation Guarantee

We promise to prepare your tax return correctly so you’ll be keeping all the money that’s supposed to be yours, without fear of an IRS audit! And if you’re due a tax refund, we promise to get you the biggest and fastest tax refund allowed by the IRS! You will see our Professional Service Warranty, when you sign our “engagement letter.”

And by the way. If we ever do make a mistake preparing your tax return (it happens sometimes … hey – we’re human, too) don’t worry – we always stand behind our work so we will pay any penalties and interest on our mistake. Just bring in the first IRS letter you receive and we’ll take care of the rest. The chances are so slim this could happen to you, but just in case, we want you to know you’re still protected by our guarantee!

(Now that’s a real “No risk, All-Your-Bases-Are-Covered“ Complete accurancy guarantee!)