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For many people, taxes are taking too much of the monthly budget and it’s likely to get worse!

The good news is that there are little-known tax and financial strategies that can help you cut your tax expense – allowing you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

My name is Montgomery Taylor and as a CPA, I save taxpayers like you time, money, and IRS aggravations every day of the week. I live and breathe tax preparation, eating tax audit notices from the IRS for breakfast!

It never ceases to amaze me when we talk to parents how little they understand the government-based benefit programs that are available to those parents who are struggling with the cost of their children’s education.

If you are a family with limited income and limited net worth, have one or more children wanting to go to college, then you may qualify for benefits under various state and federal aid programs.

To learn more about the benefits you may be missing out on, I would like to offer you a FREE copy of my informative report, The Top 5 Tax Tips The IRS Doesn’t Want You To Know..

Here are Just Some of the Secrets I Reveal in this FREE Report…

  • How to avoid a 25% tax penalty with the IRS
  • Our best advice about meeting with an IRS Revenue Officer
  • How to get IRS penalties abated for €œReasonable Cause€
  • How to cut a deal with the IRS

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This free book is an invaluable resource full of straightforward, easy-to-understand tips and strategies to help you make sense of dealing with the IRS and cutting your tax burden.

We work hard every day to ensure that taxpayers in our community pay the least tax which is legally required by law, and we appreciate the opportunity to give back by offering this free information to the people who it may benefit the most.

I trust that you will find the information contained within to be both educational and timely. Don’t delay… get your FREE Report today!

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