What We Do

We offer full-service help to help you succeed

Many financial advisors may never interact with your accountant.  That means you can lose out on opportunities to save on taxes. And, as a result, you may pay more in fees than you should.

At Montgomery Taylor Wealth, we offer full-service help that includes comprehensive tax preparation and tax planning.  But that’s just the start….along with taxes, we offer financial planning, investment management, estate planning.   We even offer access to commission-free insurance products.  

Our truly integrated approach can save you time and headaches since we can help you manage or reduce document preparation at tax time*.  More importantly, by working together with us, our wealth managers and accountants can usually help you save on taxes.

Financial Planning at Montgomery Taylor

Then, our full-service support ensures you stay up-to-date with your finances. You will hear from us often and we’ll be available to help you with any financial issues or challenges that arise in your life.  This can help you feel more organized and confident. 

*your documents can be automatically available to you when utilizing our SmartVault and/or TaxCaddy technology.

What to Expect

When you become a Montgomery Taylor Wealth client, you’ll experience our unique approach to managing your entire financial future. 

A Proven Process.  We use a process that we’ve refined over our four decades of experience as financial planners and tax experts.  This comprehensive approach helps minimize your blind spots and helps you stay on track with your goals.

Unique Strategies.  Because our team is multidisciplinary, you get the collective experience of wealth managers and CPAs working on your behalf.  Our team collaborates together to help you solve complicated financial issues and to find ways to reduce your tax liability. Whether you’re selling a business, liquidating a highly appreciated piece of real estate, or planning your retirement, you’ll have a talented team committed to your best results.

Attention On Your Taxes.  Nobody likes a high tax bill.  With our accounting expertise, our team is always looking for ways to reduce your tax liability.  Our wealth managers also help you find tax-efficient investment strategies. This is very different from many financial advisory firms where taxes are an afterthought.  

Keeping You Informed.  When you entrust us with your finances, we understand that you need to be kept informed at all times.  That means:

  • We’ll meet with you frequently (as requested/annual appointment at minimum).
  • We’ll return your emails and calls quickly (always within 24 hours).
  • You’ll receive frequent educational emails to keep you up-to-date.
  • Meetings can be conducted online or at our office, whichever is more convenient for you.

The end result?  Our unique, integrated financial services help make sure you are always moving confidently toward your goals.  

Access to Commission-Free Insurance Products

We believe that insurance is a necessary part of a smart financial plan, but it’s not always easy or pleasant to deal with insurance agents.  These people are normally paid on commission and may push you to buy more insurance than you need.

That’s why at Montgomery Taylor Wealth, we offer a better solution.  Our advisors will work with you to help determine the types of insurance and amounts you need, then we’ll arrange for agents to provide you with competitive pricing.

This way you get the insurance you need and avoid overpaying for additional features you don’t. 

Because our team is multidisciplinary, you get the collective experience of wealth managers and CPAs working on your behalf.

Check Your Financial Health

We specialize in developing a comprehensive financial plan and investment strategy that focuses on six core elements that will help you realize financial success.