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Helping Sonoma County and Northern California families live confidently

At Montgomery Taylor Wealth, we’re a team of financial advisors and accountants dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals.  Our integrated financial planning, investment, and tax services can help you get your entire financial life in order with minimal hassle.  

Who do we help?

Our primary clients are Sonoma County and Northern California residents in many different life stages.  Learn more about the primary concerns we help people address. 

My taxes keep going up….what can I do to pay less?

With recent tax law changes, many Californians are seeing tax increases so this is a focus area for us. Our services include tax preparation and planning, so we’ll always be looking for opportunities to reduce your tax bill.

Our investment strategies always take into consideration methods to boost tax efficiencies in your portfolio. Our expert staff includes CPAs so you can feel confident about our strategies and advice.

Will my money last in retirement?

Our comprehensive retirement planning helps determine what you’ll need to fund your lifestyle. We’ll work with you to develop tax-efficient income strategies to help meet your needs in retirement.

Our ongoing support will help you feel organized and confident about the future.

How can I make more progress toward my financial goals?

Along with financial planning, our smart tax strategies help you keep more of what you earn. That additional return is earned without additional risk, which is critical given today’s low-interest-rate environment.

The tax savings can help you make up lost ground and make progress toward your goals.

What happens to my portfolio during the next recession?

We use a “tactical tilt” method to keep you ahead of the market and help shield your money from excessive downside risk.

Our comprehensive financial planning includes frequent portfolio stress testing. If appropriate, we’ll help you shift some of your holdings into fixed annuities in an effort to provide more security.

We can help you find tax-efficient investments that get you better tax-adjusted returns (with less risk). Our ongoing full-service support helps you stay confident about your investments.

I’m selling my business or other highly appreciated asset and facing a large tax liability…help!

There are times in your life when a single financial decision can make a big difference in your future. With our team of CPAs and financial planners, we’re here to help you make the most of these opportunities.

We’ll conduct research in order to help you find a good strategy to help minimize or defer tax liabilities. Since we also offer complete tax preparation, there are no headaches in communicating that information to your accountant–we’ll already have that data on hand at tax time.

I’m recently divorced and unsure about the right financial moves to make

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve helped many people get through their divorce and back on solid ground financially. Whether your divorce is in process or complete, we can help you determine the best course of action to get back on your feet.

Our experienced team is skilled at helping you get organized and avoid mistakes during this emotional time.

My spouse passed away and I’m not sure what I should be doing financially

We’re experienced in supporting many people through the loss of a spouse. We understand you are grieving. Our goal is to help stabilize your finances first so that you avoid making decisions driven by emotions.

We’ll help you plan for the future and provide strategies to gain confidence about your money management. Our educational approach helps you get up-to-speed on financial priorities so that you’ll feel confident in planning your future.

My life has changed (new marriage, new child, divorce, job change), what do I need to do financially?

Financial planning is never complete. As your life changes, you need to make adjustments. Big life changes can require changes to your estate plan, tax strategies, investments, insurance, and financial plan. Since Montgomery Taylor provides all those services in one place, you only have to make one call.

Our estate planning attorney will adjust your estate documents. Our accountants will address your taxes. Your financial plan will be adjusted along with your investments, as needed. Finally, we can also analyze, and possibly, help you adjust your insurance holdings.

Specialty Areas

  • Planning for your retirement
  • High-income professionals and business owners
  • Tax reduction strategies
  • Loss of spouse
  • Post-divorce finances
  • Socially responsible investing
  • Charitable giving and gifting plans

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